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Secure Jobs comes with over 16 years’ experience of placing staff within the sales, call centre and financial industries.

Secure Jobs offer a thorough recruitment process with insight, integrity and professionalism.

Our team is proud of our reputation and the footprint we have set within the recruitment sector in South Africa.

We pride ourselves with passion and success within permanent and contract placements.

Our business aligns itself with employees who are driven to head hunt staff who are correctly skilled for a client’s request.

Mission:  Creating employment within SA by placing, marketing and upskilling the correct calibre candidate for clients.

Vision:  Being the recruitment company who is recognised to operate differently and successfully.

We Focus On

Getting the right person in the right chair for the right company is our key focus and we aim to fulfill that role to the best of our abilities.


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Call Centre Employees – All levels


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Candidates for

Call centres & Contact centres

Call centres or Contact centres, what is the difference?

People use these two terms interchangeably, but they are not the same.

The main difference is that Contact Centres use additional services such as email, telephonic services, chat, text, social media and direct website interface. Another word to describe this is ‘Multichannel’ or ‘Omnichannel’ customer support, this is when the customer wants to be communicated with via many channels.

Call centres are mainly telephonically based, they are designed to handle large volumes of calls, these can be inbound calls, outbound calls or a hybrid of the two.

What do we look for in a successful candidate?

It’s called APACA:


Upbeat and polite, making their customers feel appreciated and heard. However, they must be able handle difficult customers, learn to not take it personally and be resilient.


If an applicant has passion it can radiate throughout the office and the passion is contagious.


They want to advance and may want to take on more responsibility within the organisation.

Cultural fit

Although difficult to read immediately, can you see the team working together with the candidate?


An experienced agent knows the industry, but someone with raw talent and lots of aptitude can learn the role and be trained to the company’s standard.

In South Africa the contact centre industry is booming, it employs about 230 000 staff members and due to it being labour intensive, it is growing and is expected to continue to do so, thus creating thousands of jobs.

South African contact centres as a whole, are seen as a destination of choice for international companies throughout the world. Incentives offered by the Department of Trade and Industry, cost saving as an offshore destination, weakening local currency and good quality English speaking talent, make it attractive to international companies.

Call centres are a useful avenue to create employment opportunities and to develop skills for first time job seekers, school leavers and graduates. It is a satisfying feeling to place these candidates.

However, one of the challenges in the contact centre industry is the high attrition rate.  We will discuss our solution to make this a win-win situation for the candidate and client.

Working in a contact centres is a great environment to start or enhance your career, it is high energy and productive.

Being a school leaver, job seeker or graduate, this environment will teach you a broad range of skills, in addition you could move into other roles within the organisation and work your way upwards.

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